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USD 480.00

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Starter Kit (1 Atomizer + 1 Month Supply) USD 480.00
1 Month Supply Add on (4 Nanocell + 4 Diluent) USD 450.00
6 Months Supply Add on (24 Nanocell + 24 Diluent) USD 2,700.00
12 Months Supply Add on (48 Nanocell + 48 Diluent) USD 5,400.00
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Starter Kit (1 Atomizer + 1 Month Supply) USD 480.00
1 Month Supply Add on (4 Nanocell + 4 Diluent) USD 450.00
6 Months Supply Add on (24 Nanocell + 24 Diluent) USD 2,700.00
12 Months Supply Add on (48 Nanocell + 48 Diluent) USD 5,400.00
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68 reviews for CYTONEXT Starter Kit

  1. Catherine Loh

    I could sleep better, and I no longer feel restless.

  2. Jane

    I feel like I am breathing in fresh mountain air, kind of – Cool, fresh and I am also very energetic.

  3. Laila

    My sinus has reduced, and I could now have a better sleep.

  4. Wee Jack Chew

    I purchased CYTONEXT for my father who is a diabetic. After 3 weeks, his energy levels increased. He can now stand up from sitting on the sofa, and even from the floor without assistance.

  5. Samuel

    I noticed my breathing difficulties have improved and now I can go for long distance walk.

  6. Edmun Lee

    I am able to do more activities a day as compared to before. The day after inhaling Cytonext – I start feeling more energised and in a good mood.

  7. Richard Li

    I used to fall ill and get tired easily due to my long working hours. After using Cytonext for 2 months I could really see and feel the difference and it has helped me to be more productive at work. Will definitely recommend this product to my friends and family

  8. KK Chan

    Bought Cytonext for my 70-year-old father who is a heavy smoker, after 4 months, he is visibly coughing less and a great increase in appetite

  9. Emily Lam

    It works! Have been using this for the past 2 months and noticed increase in energy in the gym and I can go longer on the treadmill.

  10. Khairuddin

    I use Cytonext on a regular basis and I have significantly reduced my intake of vitamin pills every morning.

  11. Asha – Sydney, Australia

    I’m feeling more energetic and my headache has reduced after using it once.

  12. Lokman – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    I have been feeling more active and my sleep has improved.

  13. Jane – New Delhi, India

    I’m feeling more healthy after two doses of nanocell and I could sleep better and longer.

  14. Aru – Singapore

    I recovered well from lung infection with the help of CYTONEXT. My lung function test results are now 96-97% after a few doses.

  15. Mikayla – Capetown, South Africa

    My parcel took a long time to arrive due to customs in South Africa but I received the product in good condition

  16. Shu Ching – Taiwan

    My father placed the order but the customer care could not speak Taiwanese. I took over and it was fine after that.

  17. Aziz – Sabah, Malaysia

    I called the customer care after placing the order but nobody answered because I thought that it was a 24 hours customer service. A day later I received a call and email on the confirmation of my purchase during office hours.

  18. Chun Fai – Singapore

    My package was slightly dented but the content inside are all fine. Possibly on the courier side. Second week into it and I can see the improvements.

  19. Chris – Canada

    It arrived a day before the expected date. I was not at home to receive it.

  20. Jenny – Klang, Malaysia

    Recommended product to improve general health. Sarah from customer care helped me a lot even though I asked so many questions regarding the product.

  21. Tara Kaur – Delhi, India

    The packaging wasn’t as neat as I expected because the courier company had to open and repack due to custom check. But the quality was good.

  22. Christine – Capetown, South Africa

    I purchased Cytonext starter kit last week and received it later than expected possibly due to the lockdown. Package was in very good condition and well packed.

  23. Kenneth Chow – Malaysia

    It has helped relieve my chronic chest pains and has made me more energetic throughout the day.

  24. Christy – New Zealand

    Waking up with a nasal congestion was my everyday routine. After Cytonext I am freed from my daily congestion. Just ordered 4 more.

  25. Adam – Malaysia

    Helped my long-lasting eczema and reduced the redness and flaky skin.

  26. Sanski – Michigan

    Has made me more radiant and energized after 2 weeks! My friends could see my new found energy. Will definitely recommend it!

  27. Luis – Mexico

    Before Cytonext, I always had a stuffy nose and nasal infections due to the dry air in my area. Luckily, Cytonext has really helped me cope with my sensitive nose!

  28. Rachel York – Australia

    Cytonext has reduced the number of asthma attacks I get when I am exposed to pollen and dust.

  29. Sharma – India

    I feel less exhausted when carrying out daily tasks and chores around the house, Cytonext has significantly helped increase my overall wellness and energy.

  30. Tan Ooi Shuan – Malaysia

    The rise of Covid numbers in my area was what sparked my interest to seek out remedies to protect myself as I have a low immune system. Their customer service is excellent!

  31. Chew Chee Keong – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    I’ve only been using this for 2 weeks and I noticed that I have more energy to last throughout the day.

  32. Abdul – Oman, UAE

    Used to get stem cell therapy overseas before the pandemic, this is a good alternative to get me through the year before I can resume my therapy.

  33. Nurul – Jakarta, Indonesia

    I bought it for my dad who has difficulties breathing. After 1 month of using CYTONEXT, he’s able to breathe more deeply and doesn’t tire so easily from walking.

  34. Ana – Nuevo León, Mexico

    Very good! My son is a hyperactive kid, after being on CYTONEXT for a month, I could see that he’s much more calm and is able to focus better.

  35. Joel – Sonora, Mexico

    Used to smoke regularly, CYTONEXT is very effective in clearing the mucus in my airways. Would recommend it to those who have excessive mucus.

  36. Kasem – Bangkok, Thailand

    I’m sleeping better. Feel much more energized now compared to before.

  37. Hasan – North Kalimantan, Indonesia

    My head feels lighter.

  38. Samantha – New Manila, Philippines

    My skin looks more radiant after 1 month of Cytonext!

  39. Lee Mei Suan – Sabah, Malaysia

    Refreshed and able to focus better in my work.

  40. Mary Chew – Shah Alam, Malaysia

    Their customer service and delivery is very fast. My order arrived the next day.

  41. Felicia – Sydney, Australia

    It has an immediate effect after using it.

  42. Jonathan – KL, Malaysia

    Bought it during the sales promo for my dad who has difficulty breathing, he has shown improvement after a month of taking it

  43. Tan Siew Ong – Johor, Malaysia

    This product really helped with my lung issues, I’m able to breathe more easily now.

  44. Ben – New Zealand

    Good product & good service. Will buy again soon.

  45. Ruth – Sarawak, Malaysia

    Their packaging is really nice and the customer service is very friendly.

  46. Anika – Telangana, India

    I’m using it for my son who has mild autism. Hopefully it helps.

  47. Olivia – London, UK

    I like their packaging, very simple. Easy to use too, able to use it while multitasking.

  48. Aba – Sorona, Mexico

    Product was delivered in good condition.

  49. Sharmin – Jakarta, Indonesia

    good and reliable service.

  50. Jane – New York, USA

    Good customer service, answered all my questions & had fast delivery.

  51. Angel – Sinaloa, Mexico

    Nice packaging & easy to use

  52. Lim Kim Bok – Singapore

    After taking my first dose, my vision was clearer and I could focus better.

  53. Jess – Sydney, Australia

    My skin is more glowy now, effects are gradual but it works.

  54. Anina – Philippines

    After getting 3 doses of CYTONEXT, my child who has ASD is much more communicative and can maintain eye contact when we’re talking to him.

  55. Fitri – Surubaya, Indonesia

    Got it my mom with mild insomnia, she now can sleep better.

  56. Cam – New Zealand

    Great product and super easy to use!

  57. Oliver – England, UK

    Got it for my dad, he’s got better after a month of taking it. Definitely getting the refills.

  58. Barbra – Northern Ireland, UK

    I loved their service, very nice people. Fast delivery I got my package within a week!

  59. Harry – California, USA

    Helped my lungs a lot. Was able to go hiking this week when it was impossible before!

  60. Jessica – Texas, US

    I’m taking CYTONEXT for my morning sinus. After 3 weeks, it has reduced a lot and I’m happy with it.

  61. Ahmad Faizan – Ipoh, Malaysia

    I wanted to take my parents to KL for stem cell therapy, however we were unable to do so due to the travel restrictions. Ordered CYTONEXT for my parents so they can try this therapy at home.

  62. Meghan – San Diego, USA

    I have tried it for my aged parents, and I’m seeing positive changes in their eating and sleeping patterns.

  63. Henry Carlson – Scotland, UK

    I was very impressed with this technology. The packaging and ease of use was excellent. I can already see improvements after the first dose. Curious to see how my body will after 4 weeks.

  64. Al-Qaddir – Oman, UAE

    I tried Cytonext for my relatives who have had Covid to reduce post-covid symptoms. Results are positive and they are happy.

  65. Roslinda – Sarawak, Malaysia

    I wanted to get Cytonext for my lung congestion as I’m asthmatic. There’s improvement after 2 months of continuous use. It helps!

  66. Nick Fernandez – Manila, Philippines

    Great response from the customer service team! Answered all my questions.

  67. Henry Carlson – Scotland, UK

    Delivery was on time! Can’t wait to try this out for my family.

  68. Serina – Jakarta, Indonesia

    I was on a lot of medications for my respiratory illnesses. I’m taking Cytonext to cut down my medications and it’s been helping so far.

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