CYTONEXT Starter Kit

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Starter Kit (1 Atomizer + 1 Month Supply) USD 480.00
1 Month Supply Add on (4 Nanocell + 4 Diluent) USD 450.00
6 Months Supply Add on (24 Nanocell + 24 Diluent) USD 2,700.00
12 Months Supply Add on (48 Nanocell + 48 Diluent) USD 5,400.00
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Starter Kit (1 Atomizer + 1 Month Supply) USD 480.00
1 Month Supply Add on (4 Nanocell + 4 Diluent) USD 450.00
6 Months Supply Add on (24 Nanocell + 24 Diluent) USD 2,700.00
12 Months Supply Add on (48 Nanocell + 48 Diluent) USD 5,400.00
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What are people saying about CYTONEXT?

182 reviews for CYTONEXT Starter Kit

  1. Catherine Loh

    I could sleep better, and I no longer feel restless.

  2. Jane

    I feel like I am breathing in fresh mountain air, kind of – Cool, fresh and I am also very energetic.

  3. Laila

    My sinus has reduced, and I could now have a better sleep.

  4. Wee Jack Chew

    I purchased CYTONEXT for my father who is a diabetic. After 3 weeks, his energy levels increased. He can now stand up from sitting on the sofa, and even from the floor without assistance.

  5. Samuel

    I noticed my breathing difficulties have improved and now I can go for long distance walk.

  6. Edmun Lee

    I am able to do more activities a day as compared to before. The day after inhaling Cytonext – I start feeling more energised and in a good mood.

  7. Richard Li

    I used to fall ill and get tired easily due to my long working hours. After using Cytonext for 2 months I could really see and feel the difference and it has helped me to be more productive at work. Will definitely recommend this product to my friends and family

  8. KK Chan

    Bought Cytonext for my 70-year-old father who is a heavy smoker, after 4 months, he is visibly coughing less and a great increase in appetite

  9. Emily Lam

    It works! Have been using this for the past 2 months and noticed increase in energy in the gym and I can go longer on the treadmill.

  10. Khairuddin

    I use Cytonext on a regular basis and I have significantly reduced my intake of vitamin pills every morning.

  11. Asha – Sydney, Australia

    I’m feeling more energetic and my headache has reduced after using it once.

  12. Lokman – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    I have been feeling more active and my sleep has improved.

  13. Jane – New Delhi, India

    I’m feeling more healthy after two doses of nanocell and I could sleep better and longer.

  14. Aru – Singapore

    I recovered well from lung infection with the help of CYTONEXT. My lung function test results are now 96-97% after a few doses.

  15. Mikayla – Capetown, South Africa

    My parcel took a long time to arrive due to customs in South Africa but I received the product in good condition

  16. Shu Ching – Taiwan

    My father placed the order but the customer care could not speak Taiwanese. I took over and it was fine after that.

  17. Aziz – Sabah, Malaysia

    I called the customer care after placing the order but nobody answered because I thought that it was a 24 hours customer service. A day later I received a call and email on the confirmation of my purchase during office hours.

  18. Chun Fai – Singapore

    My package was slightly dented but the content inside are all fine. Possibly on the courier side. Second week into it and I can see the improvements.

  19. Chris – Canada

    It arrived a day before the expected date. I was not at home to receive it.

  20. Jenny – Klang, Malaysia

    Recommended product to improve general health. Sarah from customer care helped me a lot even though I asked so many questions regarding the product.

  21. Tara Kaur – Delhi, India

    The packaging wasn’t as neat as I expected because the courier company had to open and repack due to custom check. But the quality was good.

  22. Christine – Capetown, South Africa

    I purchased Cytonext starter kit last week and received it later than expected possibly due to the lockdown. Package was in very good condition and well packed.

  23. Kenneth Chow – Malaysia

    It has helped relieve my chronic chest pains and has made me more energetic throughout the day.

  24. Christy – New Zealand

    Waking up with a nasal congestion was my everyday routine. After Cytonext I am freed from my daily congestion. Just ordered 4 more.

  25. Adam – Malaysia

    Helped my long-lasting eczema and reduced the redness and flaky skin.

  26. Sanski – Michigan

    Has made me more radiant and energized after 2 weeks! My friends could see my new found energy. Will definitely recommend it!

  27. Luis – Mexico

    Before Cytonext, I always had a stuffy nose and nasal infections due to the dry air in my area. Luckily, Cytonext has really helped me cope with my sensitive nose!

  28. Rachel York – Australia

    Cytonext has reduced the number of asthma attacks I get when I am exposed to pollen and dust.

  29. Sharma – India

    I feel less exhausted when carrying out daily tasks and chores around the house, Cytonext has significantly helped increase my overall wellness and energy.

  30. Tan Ooi Shuan – Malaysia

    The rise of Covid numbers in my area was what sparked my interest to seek out remedies to protect myself as I have a low immune system. Their customer service is excellent!

  31. Chew Chee Keong – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    I’ve only been using this for 2 weeks and I noticed that I have more energy to last throughout the day.

  32. Abdul – Oman, UAE

    Used to get stem cell therapy overseas before the pandemic, this is a good alternative to get me through the year before I can resume my therapy.

  33. Nurul – Jakarta, Indonesia

    I bought it for my dad who has difficulties breathing. After 1 month of using CYTONEXT, he’s able to breathe more deeply and doesn’t tire so easily from walking.

  34. Ana – Nuevo León, Mexico

    Very good! My son is a hyperactive kid, after being on CYTONEXT for a month, I could see that he’s much more calm and is able to focus better.

  35. Joel – Sonora, Mexico

    Used to smoke regularly, CYTONEXT is very effective in clearing the mucus in my airways. Would recommend it to those who have excessive mucus.

  36. Kasem – Bangkok, Thailand

    I’m sleeping better. Feel much more energized now compared to before.

  37. Hasan – North Kalimantan, Indonesia

    My head feels lighter.

  38. Samantha – New Manila, Philippines

    My skin looks more radiant after 1 month of Cytonext!

  39. Lee Mei Suan – Sabah, Malaysia

    Refreshed and able to focus better in my work.

  40. Mary Chew – Shah Alam, Malaysia

    Their customer service and delivery is very fast. My order arrived the next day.

  41. Felicia – Sydney, Australia

    It has an immediate effect after using it.

  42. Jonathan – KL, Malaysia

    Bought it during the sales promo for my dad who has difficulty breathing, he has shown improvement after a month of taking it

  43. Tan Siew Ong – Johor, Malaysia

    This product really helped with my lung issues, I’m able to breathe more easily now.

  44. Ben – New Zealand

    Good product & good service. Will buy again soon.

  45. Ruth – Sarawak, Malaysia

    Their packaging is really nice and the customer service is very friendly.

  46. Anika – Telangana, India

    I’m using it for my son who has mild autism. Hopefully it helps.

  47. Olivia – London, UK

    I like their packaging, very simple. Easy to use too, able to use it while multitasking.

  48. Aba – Sorona, Mexico

    Product was delivered in good condition.

  49. Sharmin – Jakarta, Indonesia

    good and reliable service.

  50. Jane – New York, USA

    Good customer service, answered all my questions & had fast delivery.

  51. Angel – Sinaloa, Mexico

    Nice packaging & easy to use

  52. Lim Kim Bok – Singapore

    After taking my first dose, my vision was clearer and I could focus better.

  53. Jess – Sydney, Australia

    My skin is more glowy now, effects are gradual but it works.

  54. Anina – Philippines

    After getting 3 doses of CYTONEXT, my child who has ASD is much more communicative and can maintain eye contact when we’re talking to him.

  55. Fitri – Surubaya, Indonesia

    Got it my mom with mild insomnia, she now can sleep better.

  56. Cam – New Zealand

    Great product and super easy to use!

  57. Oliver – England, UK

    Got it for my dad, he’s got better after a month of taking it. Definitely getting the refills.

  58. Barbra – Northern Ireland, UK

    I loved their service, very nice people. Fast delivery I got my package within a week!

  59. Harry – California, USA

    Helped my lungs a lot. Was able to go hiking this week when it was impossible before!

  60. Jessica – Texas, US

    I’m taking CYTONEXT for my morning sinus. After 3 weeks, it has reduced a lot and I’m happy with it.

  61. Ahmad Faizan – Ipoh, Malaysia

    I wanted to take my parents to KL for stem cell therapy, however we were unable to do so due to the travel restrictions. Ordered CYTONEXT for my parents so they can try this therapy at home.

  62. Meghan – San Diego, USA

    I have tried it for my aged parents, and I’m seeing positive changes in their eating and sleeping patterns.

  63. Henry Carlson – Scotland, UK

    I was very impressed with this technology. The packaging and ease of use was excellent. I can already see improvements after the first dose. Curious to see how my body will after 4 weeks.

  64. Al-Qaddir – Oman, UAE

    I tried Cytonext for my relatives who have had Covid to reduce post-covid symptoms. Results are positive and they are happy.

  65. Roslinda – Sarawak, Malaysia

    I wanted to get Cytonext for my lung congestion as I’m asthmatic. There’s improvement after 2 months of continuous use. It helps!

  66. Nick Fernandez – Manila, Philippines

    Great response from the customer service team! Answered all my questions.

  67. Henry Carlson – Scotland, UK

    Delivery was on time! Can’t wait to try this out for my family.

  68. Serina – Jakarta, Indonesia

    I was on a lot of medications for my respiratory illnesses. I’m taking Cytonext to cut down my medications and it’s been helping so far.

  69. Alila – Shah Alam, Malaysia

    My colleague recommended Cytonext to me for my period cramps. I am on it for 2 months now and It has helped to reduce the pain.

  70. Lim Cheng Ong – Singapore

    Didn’t see much improvements yet

  71. Dennis Lim – Jurong East, Singapore

    I bought Cytonext for my mom who’s suffering from post-covid symptoms. Her phlegm and cough have reduced so much after taking it for 1 month now.

  72. Syed Al-Razak – Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Very good product. I will strongly recommend to people who have got asthma just like me.

  73. Nelson – Brisbane, Australia

    I was very skeptical to try Cytonext at first. But really it has worked well for my sinus issue after using it continuously for 3 months now.

  74. Francisco – Mexico

    Delivery was fast and I have started using it after sports. It’s definitely an energy booster.

  75. Carl – Panama

    My vision has improved and became sharper. I also had better focus during work and the effects lasted a week till the next dose.

  76. Lee Chuan Yew – Ipoh, Malaysia

    I initially wanted to go KL for Stem Cell Therapy, however with the rising CoVid cases I decided to take CYTONEXT at home. I’m happy with the free shipping provided.

  77. George Mills – Berlin, Germany

    The battery life of the atomizer is great. Been using it for 6 months now (once a week) and I’m happy Cytonext works really well for my insomnia issue.

  78. Bryant – Brunei

    Customer service was good. Answered all my questions very well.

  79. Annisa – Jakarta, Indonesia

    My sugar levels dropped and I feel better after using it for a year now.

  80. Shankar – Mumbai, India

    After 1 dose, my phlegm went off. Very good product.

  81. Zen – Singapore

    Was struggling with post covid symptoms and this has helped accelerate my recovery. Will recommend!

  82. Anina – Manila, Philippines

    My dad has COPD, after taking this for 6 months, his lung function has improved from 75% to 84%. Doctors have seen vast improvements.

  83. Ho Boon Chuan – Taiwan

    Helped my insomnia, now I can sleep through the night without waking up.

  84. Phang Chen Ling – Sabah, Malaysia

    Took it as a way to protect me in this pandemic. But after taking it for a few months I realized that my period cramps have reduced, so I’m quite happy with the results.

  85. Charlotte – Melbourne, Australia

    Their delivery is really fast, got my package in 2 days!

  86. Kenny – New Zealand

    After 8 doses, I realized that I was able to go on longer walks without getting tired and breathless. Very good product and will continue to use it.

  87. Eleanor – Bristol, UK

    I’m on my third week of trying Cytonext for my son who has Autism. There is some little progress in his actions and he listens to more instructions now.

  88. William – Sydney, Australia

    Bought Cytonext during the mid-year sale. Delivery and customer service was top notch.

  89. Amelia – Oakland, US

    I have been falling asleep much faster at night and having a much deeper sleep after using Cytonext for 2 months now.

  90. Angelina Torres – Norwich, UK

    Using Cytonext for over 1 month now and I use it to sleep better plus it gets me focusing proper.

  91. Alia Idris – Johor, Malaysia

    As someone who has suffered from discomfort due to autoimmune problems my entire life this CYTONEXT is truly helping me. Thank you

  92. Joyce – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    My post covid symptoms were really bad. I had constant coughing, low energy, and became tired quickly throughout the day. After taking 3 doses of Cytonext, I noticed a spike in my energy levels and my cough has reduced dramatically. My health was back to its pre-covid state after completing all 4 doses of CYTONEXT. Definitely will recommend Cytonext for those suffering from post-covid symptoms!

  93. John – California, US

    Quite an amazing product! I can now get stem cell therapy non-invasively.

  94. Dave – Florida, USA

    Good customer service.

  95. Fatin – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    I had Covid a month ago and I tried CYTONEXT for my post covid symptoms. It was really bad that I suffered from long covid symptoms such as throat pain, cough and tiredness. I was recommended to take 8 doses of CYTONEXT Nanocells to reduce my post Covid symptoms. I took it once a week for 8 weeks. After completing 8 weeks, I fully recovered from my cough, fever and headache and felt like my health was fully restored. For those who are suffering from post covid symptoms, I highly recommend CYTONEXT.

  96. Rick – New Mexico, USA

    Felt a difference after the first inhalation and my phlegm and mucus totally cleared after 2 weeks.

  97. Jenna – Texas, USA

    CYTONEXT has helped my 70-year-old mom with her energy levels and mood

  98. Dr. Daniel – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    I got to know about CYTONEXT as a stem cell wellness kit that is able to improve immunity and give a layer of protection in the lungs. After trying CYTONEXT, I feel more energetic and my phlegm in the chest has reduced alot. It has helped me to breathe better and I’m happy with the product.

  99. Rashid – Abu Dhabi, UAE

    I do feel more energetic and my lungs are clearer

  100. Aliza – Shah Alam, Malaysia

    Covid has changed my life. I was tested positive a month ago and my life now is never the same. My chest always feels tight and I can’t breathe normally. It has been 3 weeks now using Cytonext, my chest feels less tight and breathing is much easier. I will continue using this.

  101. Siew Lee Teng – Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    Quite impressed with this technology. I’m taking CYTONEXT to improve my fatigue. Feeling much energetic than ever after two months on it.

  102. Ross Mayrine – Albany, Australia

    Very friendly and responsive customer service. Sarah helped me understand about stem cells and this product from A-Z and how it can help my asthma.

  103. Victoria – Manila, Philippines

    They have the right attitude in giving the assistance on the product. Life after covid for my mom and I have been challenging. We got the virus on May 2021 but we are still in the recovery stage. Both of us are unable to get a good sleep due to breathing difficulties and it is affecting our sleep. Our focus now is to help our body to accelerate recovery. A month after using Cytonext, we are feeling much better.

  104. Arvind – Perak, Malaysia

    After much research on stem cells, I decided to buy CYTONEXT, as it is hard to travel for stem cell therapy during this pandemic. They have got an customer service team, they did a whole presentation to make my family and I understand the product better. We have been using this for two months and our long-covid symptoms especially coughing and feeling of breathlessness has reduced. Awesome stuff!

  105. Ricky Wong – Singapore

    I just received my parcel today. The delivery was fast.

  106. Reina Kaur – Mumbai, India

    Decent product. Safely arrived but slightly late than expected due to customs checking. Already in second week, and my breathing feels much better.

  107. Ibrahim Kadir – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Started using CYTONEXT for post-covid to reduce my coughs. This is my second week and there are improvements.

  108. Al-Hajrah – Dubai, UAE

    CYTONEXT arrived slightly later than expected. The overall packaging and service were good.

  109. Robert Greeze – Austin, US

    Just waiting for the borders to reopen so I can get my stem cell therapy done. In the meantime, I’m using CYTONEXT. It’s working well to improve my overall health.

  110. Malinda – Singapore

    I have Lupus, and I’m taking Cytonext to improve my immunity.

  111. Sabilan – Jakarta, Indonesia

    It’s been years since my sinus has improved, now it’s getting better after a few weeks with Cytonext.

  112. Alex, – Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

    My mom has lung fibrosis, I hope this product helps her.

  113. Anita – Penang, Malaysia

    I have been dealing with sleeping difficulties past few months, Cytonext actually helped to balance my sleep after two months on it.

  114. Tan Chee Wei – Sabah, Malaysia

    Good product, will recommend.

  115. Elizabeth Yap – Johor, Malaysia

    I bought cytonext for my son who has had sinus since birth. Second month on Cytonext, so far his sinus is under control.

  116. Malvin Singh – New Delhi, India

    I was tested positive last month, my long covid symptoms is gradually decreasing after a month on Cytonext.

  117. Fedrick Elias – Texas, Australia

    Will recommend for those with Post-covid symptoms

  118. Mohd Amran – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    My mom is a covid survivor, I’m glad this product is helping her to breathe better after struggling with post covid symptoms for 2 months

  119. Alison Ann – Florida, US

    My whole family was tested positive 1 month ago. On Cytonext now and its helping

  120. Regina Sandra – UK

    Interesting product, trying Cytonext for the first time and I’m all excited!

  121. Siti Kaisarah – Ipoh, Malaysia

    I have asthma and ive been using this for 4 months already. I’m feeling great!

  122. Lee Chow San – Selangor, Malaysia

    Good product and nice packaging.

  123. Kritik Singh – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Delivery was within 2 days. Fast and efficient.

  124. Harvey Chris- California, US

    Like the idea of non-invasive stem cell therapy. Giving it a try for my sinus issue.

  125. Adelina Nina- Selangor, Malaysia

    I bought this for my 4 year old kid who is autistic. Ever since I started Cytonext on my son, his verbal communication has got better. This product really helps!

  126. Juvenina Christopher – Los Angeles, US

    Good value for money. Will recommend it to everyone.

  127. Sudiman Alias – Bali, Indonesia

    I travel every year to get my stem cell therapy done, but ever since I started taking Cytonext, it has made my life so much easier.

  128. Jerald Den – Singapore

    A good wellness product. Taking it to maintain my physical fitness.

  129. Azlan Shah – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    I have seen great results. The annoying sinus is hardly affecting my sleep now!

  130. Ramana Nathan – Penang, Malaysia

    The customer service was able to answer all my questions, and the delivery is fast as well. Its been my second week of trying the product.

  131. Savika Terini – Bangkok, Thailand

    I have it in my house in case of cold and flu and covid too. I take it once a while since I was told that the product is great to prevent covid.

  132. Wee Ching – Sarawak, Malaysia

    So far so good… I bought Cytonext just in case if get infected by the virus.

  133. Sandy Choo – Ipoh, Malaysia

    All good with the product, but it might be a bit annoying to inhale when you have a full make up. Recommend to take this early in the morning or before sleep.

  134. Sandra Jow – Johor, Malaysia

    Bought it to help treat my post-covid symptoms. It worked well in helping me to reduce the tiredness and improve my ability to do daily activities.

  135. Camelia – Singapore

    I am now on my last cytonext dose, feeling great!

  136. Naathaniel – Manila,Philippines

    As a heavy smoker and also a frequent hiker, my poor stamina sometimes really annoyed me. CYTONEXT is a saviour! It really improved my stamina and breathing!

  137. Krasivka – Sarawak, Malaysia

    On August 5th 2021, my mom and I tested positive for Covid, although we had our vaccine on Sept 2021. My mom still suffers from heavy cough. I found Cytonext online and decided to give it a try. Her breathing became much lighter and she is able to sleep well now!

  138. Camelia – Sarawak, Malaysia

    So far it works well. I’ve sent it to my mom who has chronic bronchitis. She got better just in 5 weeks.

  139. Jespher – Johor, Malaysia

    I have been dealing with chronic bronchitis, and asthma for about 3 years now. I have tried everything I can think of.. I control my diet, tried essential oils, and other homeopathic sinus relief products.. It had gotten better but was still hanging on. I saw the reviews on Cytonext and noticed that the symptoms people were experiencing were similar to mine so…I tried it.

    I have been using it for more than 4 weeks and I can feel the difference. Although the cough is still there, but it hardly affect me during the day when I am working.

  140. Simran – Penang, Malaysia

    Bought this for my dad who has COPD, it works great for him. Stem cell is a life changing wellness product for him and I should have researched this early! I highly recommend to those who are struggling with lung diseases.

  141. Austin – San Diego, USA

    I have chronic sinusitis because I am allergic to pollen since I was young. I was able to feel the benefits of Stem Cells after taking Cytonext for 2 months now.

  142. Chin Low Chai – Singapore

    Recommend this to heavy smokers.

  143. Randhir – Malaysia, Shah Alam

    I bought it to help me work out at the gym for extended periods of time. It truly helps me focus better.

  144. Priscilla Khaw – Singapore

    I have cut down my Asthma medication lately. I presume this is the effect of Cytonext that reduced my need to inhale steroids. Highly recommend to those who are taking asthma inhalation for long periods and want to reduce it!

  145. Jasmine – Pasay, Philippines

    It works perfectly!!! I was diagnosed with bronchitis. I took 2 doses weekly, and it helped me to breathe well. No more lung congestion. Thank you Cytonext!!

  146. Alicia Lee – Selangor, Malaysia

    I started taking this product right after I recovered from Covid and was hoping to reduce my post-covid symptoms. Although I have been using this with the combination of other lung improving supplements. I stilll believe Cytonext has really helped me in boosting my lung health.

  147. Revardo – Texax, Australia

    I love the product. It’s made a difference in the quality of my life.

  148. Georgina – Austin, USA

    The effects, if any, are subtle. The portable handheld device itself is well made and I’m enjoying the benefits to be able to sleep well.

  149. Kelvin Chia – Singapore

    My wife has been using Cytonext for asthma for about 2 months now. I don’t want to jinx things, but so far it’s been simply amazing.

  150. Mellissa Tan – Sandakan, Sabah

    Overall a good product with great results. I would like to see long-term improvement in my sinus issue.

  151. Kishore – New Delhi, India

    I use it every week helped me focus better on my meditation! Hope the effects continue

  152. Chan Low Kin – Johor, Malaysia

    This is the single most important investment I have made for myself. I had problems with prolonged coughing and it has helped me enormously.

  153. Tracey Lee – Singapore, Malaysia

    I love the science behind it.

  154. George – San Franciso, USA

    Cytonext really does help relieve my sinus issues.

  155. Shiela – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    Easy to order, I received my Cytonext on time.

  156. Sebastian – Penang, Malaysia

    After-sales team is very helpful and professional.

  157. Wyen- Singapore

    Used CYTONEXT for 3 weeks and could see a huge difference in my energy.

  158. Rozaline- Australia

    This has helped me a lot in my post-covid symptoms. The coughing and tiredness was taking a toll Cytonext has helped!

  159. Gavin- Malaysia

    This actually helps reduce my asthma attacks, so no regrets getting it.

  160. Rajesh- Singapore

    Using it every night for 6 months now, so far so good.

  161. Teresa – Singapore

    A very good device that lives up to its scientific claims. It is amazing that we can now enjoy the benefits of Stem Cells derivatives with this noninvasive effective technology

  162. Selena Harris – Texas, Australia

    Highly recommended product. The only frustrating thing is turning it on and off while using the nebulizer.

  163. Drew Marican – Manil, Philippines

    The service was perfect and fast when I had a question to the customer service team.

  164. Elizabeth Chin – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    Easy to order, I received my CYTONEXT in time. It is easy to use, just have to remember to take out the batteries after using the nebulizer.

  165. Ahmad Zulkifli – Selangor, Malaysia

    It works well at least for sleep, the only use I am interested in. However the effect decreases with time, so I have to continue for a few months for better results.

  166. Karen Scootie – Boston, USA

    Cytonext has been a good part in my covid improvement journey.

  167. Sunito – Bali, Indonesia

    The deep sleep I have achieved with this product is refreshing and a little scary. I have been doing natural wake up and I have recommended this to friends who have asked me why I am so “bright” recently.

  168. Niel James – Texas, Australia

    I love the product. It’s made a difference to my sinus issue that I have been struggling for years to find an effective solution.

  169. Kamelia Hanis – Perak, Malaysia

    The CYTONEXT really does help my asthma and improve sleep. The only complaint is I have to turn the nebulizer on and off a few times while using it, but that’s how it ideally works.

  170. Chong Sew Min – Johor, Malaysia

    Very beneficial to my health and well-being, calm down after a hectic day at work, and help to get into a better quality of life for older people like me.

  171. Tobias – Boston, USA

    I love this product! I have been suffering from breathing issues and it was getting worse, Cytonext did help to improve my breathing dificulties

  172. Ismael – Sarawak, Malaysia

    Delivery was on time, and thanks to the customer service team for answering all my questions

  173. Mia – Manila,Philippines

    Cytonext is helping my sinus issues to get better although I have tried several other medicines.

  174. Tsene – Selangor, Malaysia

    I have been taking Cytonext on a weekly basis and the improvement im measuring is for my lung fibrosis. I did a lung function test post 1 month of taking Cytonext and I noticed a few percentage reduction in my lunch function test.

  175. Dee Shirley – Texas, Australia

    I decided to give this a try after reading the reviews on the website to help my weak immune system. I’m half way through the 3rd dose and it’s hard to believe but, I am seeing a slight improvement in my cough and cold.

  176. Yan – Brunei

    Cytonext really works for my asthma!

  177. Han Xian – KL, Malaysia

    I have been taking Cytonext for a month now. Happy with the improvement in terms of providing me more energy.

  178. Javivy – Perak, Malaysia

    I have terrible cough and been taking Cytonext for 2 months now. Hope to see further improvement.

  179. Branda – Penang, Malaysia

    Highly recommended!

  180. Bern – Sydney, Australia

    I hesitated before I decided to purchase it. But now, I’m happy to use Cytonext for my sinus.

  181. Marshall – Washington, UK

    I like how the product is so easy to use just as mentioned in the description provided in the Cytonext box!

  182. Karen – South Australia (verified owner)

    I was very sceptical in buying products online. But this help my son a lot in terms of his focus, speech delay and behaviour.
    He is 3 years old and was diagnosed with ASD. Worth trying and I will definitely purchase again.

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